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Centrifugal Process Pumps

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Barrel Pumps

Barrel Pumps


FLOWCHEM ENGINEERING PVT. LTD., the pioneer and leading manufacturer company of wide range of industrial barrel pumps specially designed and engineered to meet the need of today’s fast paced industry, is certified for Quality Management System ISO 9001.

The important feature of the pump starts with its unique PUMP TUBE and AXIAL VANE IMPELLER. Conveniently located on the top is on-off switch for easy control. The Rugged Motor is designed with large handle grip to ensure suitable bulky rubber gloves. Pump tubes are interchangeable and easily connected or disconnected to the motor by means of Grip Collar Nut. 

Accessories like Band Flow Regulator and Braided Vinyl Hose are also available. The high Volume Barrel Transfer Pump is suitable for transfer of SOLVENTS, ACIDS, ALKALIS, PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, etc from Barrels, Carboys and Tanks. Available in Chemical Resistant Anticorrosive parts like PP, SS316, and PTFE etc. with High power motor for Viscous Fluid and High Heads, Air Booster Pumps are available for the highly viscous liquids and very high heads.

Our products can be used in All Major Area of Process, Chemical, Power, Food, Textile, Pharma, Medical, Heavy Engineering Sectors etc.


  • Sealless.

  • Can Run Dry.

  • High Power, Double Insulated.

  • Continuous Duty Rated.

  • SS 316, Polypropylene, PTFE.

  • Self Priming.

  • Quick Draining.

  • For Strong Solvents Like-Acids, Alkalis, Concentrated Caustics & Bleaches, Dilute Acids & Caustics.


  • Chemical Plants

  • Plating

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Food Processing Units

  • Automotive Industries

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Packaging Units

  • Agriculture

  • Laboratories


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